Victoria Tee

Dental Surgery Assistant

Victoria joined Elements Dental as a Dental Surgery Assistant in 2018. She obtained her Bachelor in Biomedical Health Science from Asia Metropolitan University in Malaysia. As part of her degree, she worked as a laboratory personnel at a government army hospital.

Following the completion of her education, she started working as a dental assistant in a private practice in Singapore. This was where she started to hone her skills in patient care.

In her free time Victoria enjoys reading as a way to rejuvenate, renew her energy and elevate her mood. She also enjoys solo traveling - if you are thinking of doing the same, be sure to ask her for tips when you see her at our clinic!

Victoria is very good at putting people at ease, thanks to her calm demeanor. Together with Elements Dental's focus on quality care, we want to make sure you get the best possible dental care.

Contact us or visit us today for your dental needs - because we are here to redefine dental care with you.