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A regular check up does more than fix problems - it ensures that any possible issues or even risk factors can be detected early. If all is good, you get the peace of mind, but if your oral health is less than optimal and need further attention, your dentist will advise you on your treatment options to manage the problem before it gets complicated, or worse, irreversible.

Problems could arise in your mouth and not cause pain. For example, gum disease arises when there is an accumulation of bacteria hidden between the teeth and under the gums. This may subsequently cause the gums to slowly peel off from the teeth and the bones anchoring your teeth to shrink. Bone that has shrunk cannot grow back, which is why early detection is crucial.

There are many reasons for receding gums but brushing too hard is usually not one of them.

Receding gums are usually caused by undiagnosed gum disease which requires treatment, and this is may be more prominent for heavy smokers. Other reasons include excessive forces due to subconscious clenching and grinding which causes the bone to deteriorate. If you have suspected receding gums you might also see chipping around the neck of the tooth near the gums called abfraction.

During in-chair whitening treatment, a cheek retractor is placed on both sides of your mouth to keep the lips and cheeks out of the way. A layer of balm will be applied on the lips to protect them from the bright light used during the procedure. We would then place cotton pads and rolls to protect the inside of the cheek, and also use a special material to cover the gums to protect them from the bleach.

The bleaching gel is then applied onto the teeth using a specialised tray and the light is shined on the teeth. The whole procedure takes about an hour. To check for the results a shade check is done before and after the session that allows us to see the changes clearly.

Fillings cannot be bleached, so whilst it may not be visible if the teeth with fillings are in the back, the difference may be rather pronounced if the fillings are big and in the front.

There are two main reasons for “missing” adult teeth. One is that the individual was born with a few missing adult teeth (this is not uncommon). In this case the roots of the baby teeth may still be intact, and they could function as per normal. However, the organic structure of baby teeth is weaker and more prone to wear, tear and damage. As such, we advise that you take extra care to minimise damage to them as much as possible.

Another possibility is that the adult tooth present, but somehow stuck in the bone either because it is heading towards the wrong direction, or the baby tooth may have been fossilised into the jaw bone (a condition called ankylosis). In this situation, your dentist will need to conduct further investigations in order to advise you further.

Braces are primarily used to improve function. Improved aesthetic is a bonus.

In some cases, a device called Transpalatal Arch (or TPA) may be used to widen the arch of the teeth, to improve their arrangement to a nice wide U-shape. This brings the teeth to a better position so that you can chew properly, and create more space in your mouth for your tongue to enable you to breathe better.

An alternative to traditional metal braces which may be uncomfortable and require frequent adjustments, is Invisalign aligners. These aligners are virtually invisible and are a seamless fit with your lifestyle. Because they are removable, you can brush and floss as you normally would for good oral hygiene.

At Elements Dental, we know that effective, predictable results with the most comfort is important to you. With Invisalign technology, you can view your virtual results and treatment plan before you even begin treatment. This allows you to see how your teeth are expected to look when your treatment is complete. This is just one of the things we do to make sure you are an active part of your journey to a more beautiful smile and a happier you. Interested in getting a smile makeover in SingaporeClick here to find out more about orthodontics and Invisalign treatment with us.


If your teeth have gone out of alignment (or relapsed), we will need realign them by means of a new set of braces or aligners. The cost and length of the treatment depend on how much the teeth have moved.

Due to the movement, electric toothbrushes are great for convenience and consistency. However, for it to be truly effective, you need to make sure that the toothbrush reaches far back enough and near enough to the gums to ensure proper cleaning.

No, it is not necessary to extract your wisdom teeth if they have emerged completely and are not causing any issues. However, even if there is no pain, the wisdom tooth may start to trap food against the neighbouring tooth and risk for them both to decay. The wisdom tooth could also be growing in an angle where it starts to rub against the cheek. In either of these situations (and some others), an extraction may be necessary. We will examine thoroughly and discuss the options with you. Click here to find out more about wisdom teeth removal and the treatment process.

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